Purchasing HOMEMARS Token on QUICKSWAP.

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2 min readJan 30, 2022


To purchase HOMEMARS token you’ll need MATIC token ready on your MetaMask wallet.

Go to Quickswap web and select swap.

Quickswap interface

Click on connect to a wallet button and a selection of connection will appear.

connection selection

If your Metamask are install on your browser, you can select MetaMask. If not you can use the wallet connect selection, and scan the QR code using your MetaMask Apps.

From HOMEMARS web copy the contract address and paste it in th etoken colloum. (please makesure you are using the correct contract adress of HOMEMARS)

token selection

keyin the amount of MATIC that you want to swap, don’t swap max amount of MATIC in your wallet do left some amount for transaction fee.

Once successful you can import the token in your MetaMask using the same contract address.

importing token

Do ensure the contract address are correct, use only the contract from official web or official telegram and always left some amount of MATIC for the gas fee.



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